Theater Shoot--White Balance Check

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Sat Jul 31 20:21:14 EDT 2010

Thanks, Stan & everyone else.  The contact sheets have dried-down now for a 
few hours, and I had a look at them on my back porch in open shade, and they 
look less red than earlier, but I think I will decrease saturation just a 
tiny bit as suggested by Cotty and Stan.  The client will get a total of 64 
photos--I've already made my picks and cropped etc .  I can use the sync 
tool to do the minor decrease in saturation--it will go quick.  I just tried 
the eyedropper on a few and the result is too blue; I don't think the client 
will want it that blue.

Just a big thanks for this and all the earlier feedback.  Cotty, I really 
had your earlier advice in my noodle when shooting, so big thanks there. 
Much appreciated.  Ann, you were right about the actors.  Charles, I 
requested the light guy hang around for last nights  shoot (as you 
suggested) and got the ok from the director.  Then last night when I asked 
for the lights to be turned up a bit as we were about to begin, the set 
design guy threw a fit, but I was able to get them up a bit anyway.   Chris, 
I took notes and the director took notes--between the two of us we got good 
coverage of the play.

Amazingly, I never used the tripod.  I just couldn't seem to make it work so 
that I could work fast.  The director wanted the shoot done in an hour, and 
we were done in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.   I just had to hold her 
steady, focus, and concentrate.  I was absolutely soaked after the 
shoot--just drenched--mainly because I was so nervous--more about that under 
separate cover, as they say.  Thanks again, everyone, Big cheers, Christine

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>I pulled hayfever_109 into LR3.0 and fiddled with the sliders a bit.
> What looks right to me on my laptop would be very subtly different:
> temp = -7 from original
> exposure = + .10 from original
> saturation = - 2 from original
> I was going by flesh-tone appearance more than anything else, with 
> secondary attention to the overall feel of the scene.
> At first I played with the tint as well, -5 to -10 seemed to help, but 
> dropping the saturation just a touch seemed to obviate the need for the 
> change in tint.
> Bottom line: for my money you are pretty much spot on. There will always 
> be variation in appearance according to the color of the light under which 
> any prints are viewed; I am not sure that this sort of subtle manipulation 
> is really called for. But to double check you might try viewing your 
> contact sheet outside under daylight conditions as well as indoors under 
> artificial lighting. If you still think they look too warm or too red, 
> then apply the (minor) general changes I and others have suggested.
> BTW, I think you pulled this off quite nicely.
> stan
> On Jul 31, 2010, at 2:56 PM, Christine Aguila wrote:
>> Hi Everyone:  Not having much stage and theater experience, I was 
>> wondering if those folks who do, would be willing to check & see if the 
>> white balance is acceptable in the small gallery below. 
>> Metadata--including white balance and tint--is below each photo.  I just 
>> printed page 1 of the contact sheets (in speed mode), and it prints just 
>> a hint more red than my monitor is showing, so I thought I'd throw this 
>> out there for feedback.
>> Cheers, Christine
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