electronic level (and an apparently-undocumented feature) in K7

Charles Robinson charlesr at visi.com
Sat Jul 31 20:18:27 EDT 2010

On Jul 31, 2010, at 19:02, William Robb wrote:
> Your bubble level could be off a little bit as well. I thought my K7 level was terrible based on a carpenters level. When I checked it with a better level it looked better as well.
> A better test is to see if it's level is to test it against the horizon of a large body of water, which is guaranteed to be level.

Yeah, that's the first thing that got me suspicious.  "Hmm... looked level the way I HAD it but the K7 says 'level is THIS way'!".

I'll just go back to using the ol' eyeballs.  They're not too bad yet.


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