Theater Shoot--White Balance Check

Ann Sanfedele annsan at
Sat Jul 31 18:05:47 EDT 2010

Christine Aguila wrote:

> Hi Everyone:  Not having much stage and theater experience, I was 
> wondering if those folks who do, would be willing to check & see if 
> the white balance is acceptable in the small gallery below.  
> Metadata--including white balance and tint--is below each photo.  I 
> just printed page 1 of the contact sheets (in speed mode), and it 
> prints just a hint more red than my monitor is showing, so I thought 
> I'd throw this out there for feedback.
> Cheers, Christine

definitely too warm on mine...  but that should be an easy fix...  go 
for the skin tones, of course but you know that!

Looks like the lighting guy overdid the "surprise pink" a bit...

But from a "getting the shots" angle, they are spot on!  Nice work!

Some of the leaning to red may be intentional stage wise though - 
tungston lit interiors, etc... so you might not
want to do what would be a standard correction otherwise.


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