Theater Shoot--White Balance Check

Charles Robinson charlesr at
Sat Jul 31 16:07:04 EDT 2010

On Jul 31, 2010, at 14:56, Christine Aguila wrote:

> Hi Everyone:  Not having much stage and theater experience, I was wondering if those folks who do, would be willing to check & see if the white balance is acceptable in the small gallery below.  Metadata--including white balance and tint--is below each photo.  I just printed page 1 of the contact sheets (in speed mode), and it prints just a hint more red than my monitor is showing, so I thought I'd throw this out there for feedback.

It looks a bit yellow, but not unacceptably so.  I'd call it "warm enough that it gives the impression of having been shot under artificial lighting" which can actually be a good thing.

Some of the shots appear not-quite-level....  but this is a WB check not a level check, right?

When I pulled 123_2 into LR and clicked the WB eyedropper on the tux of the man in the middle of the couch, though, it dropped the temp down by 25 points and the tint by 19 and I would have to say that it looks better to my eye when it is a bit cooler and greener.  Maybe even into the low 20's towards the green from where that image is currently.  IMO and all that.


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