Old lens back in use

Bruce Dayton bkdayton at daytonphoto.com
Sat Jul 31 12:03:30 EDT 2010

I really like Karin's shot.  Not your typical airshow shot but works very well.
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"Chris Mitchell" <chris.mitchell at which.net> wrote:

>Just thought it would be worth sharing this purely for interest.
>Pentax-M 135/3.5 on my wife's Panasonic G2. Airbus 380 taken at the
>Farnborough airshow last weekend.
>Works well if a teeny bit soft - don't know whether that's the lens, my
>inability to focus manually or a bit of shake / movement. Of course, on the
>Micro 4/3 system it's equivalent to 270mm. I'll get round to doing some
>controlled tests one day.
>Karin got a nice bit of foreground interest in this one during the Red
>Arrows' display:
>That was taken with the Panasonic 14-42 lens.
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