Rick Womer rwomer1004 at
Sat Jul 31 09:09:46 EDT 2010

--- On Sat, 7/31/10, Cotty <cottycam at> wrote:

> On 31/7/10, Bob W, discombobulated,
> unleashed:
> >excellent stuff! Looks as though he has a real future
> ahead of him.
> Tell me about it - **I** would have been proud to shoot
> those. Typical
> modesty, he say's 'they're okay' but spent more time eyeing
> up some of
> the other snappers and their 3 and 400 2.8 lenses. Gear
> envy at 16,
> whatever next.

Modesty maybe; or maybe disappointment that the actual images don't match the ones in his mind.  Getting those to converge is what practice is all about.  Perfectionism and discouragement are the pitfalls.

These are very good.  He's got a good eye and good timing.



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