Sony NEX-5

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Fri Jul 30 17:03:21 EDT 2010

Amazon lists four models priced from $600 to $659. Didn't check their site for availability.
Sounds like a good move, Tom. Will be looking forward to performance pics. ;)


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> Date: Friday, July 30, 2010, 1:39 PM
> I just took delivery of the above
> yesterday with the 18 - 55mm lens.
> Haven't had a chance to use it except for putting in the
> battery (had
> a 13% charge), fiddling thru the menus and taking one shot
> in the
> airport.
> Aside from the obvious cool factor, one thing that jumps
> out at me is
> how great this will be for backpacking. Up to now, I've
> lugged the
> *istD, or K20D or K-7, and a 7 - 10 lb camera bag with 3 or
> 4 lenses +
> tripod, does become a burden with a 35 - 40 lb pack and
> walking 5 - 7
> miles in high altitude.  This thing will weigh 1/3 or
> less of what my
> DLSR pack weighed.  Considering the 16mm and the 200mm
> zoom as well.
> I've been loathe to bring a P&S, because if I'm going
> to that much
> effort to get to the destination, I want my best gear as
> well.
> Also, hoping to get it into an upcoming concert where 'pro'
> cameras
> are not allowed.  I suspect it'll easily make it,
> because aside from
> the lens it's the size of a P&S.
> More later.
> One more thing.  A plug for Rockbrook Camera in Omaha,
> Nebraska. The
> big name NY USA camera store who shall remain nameless had
> the kit on
> back order. Ritz was out of stock also, though you didn't
> learn that
> until you went to the shopping cart.  Willoughby's had
> it in stock,
> but for $100 more than elsewhere.  I called and tried
> to get it for
> the same price but got some BS about their buyer having
> made a special
> deal and therefore they had it while, "as you may have
> noted others
> were out of stock".  So what, I should pay an extra
> $100 for that?
> I browsed and found Rockbrook Camera.  I'd actually
> purchased through
> them before (appears they don't have Pentax gear, at least
> not listed
> online) but had forgotten.  I called them to double
> check
> availability.  Yes, just one in stock.  Right
> price.  Ordered online.
> They called to verify identity as it was not shipping to
> home address.
> Problem-free.
> Tom C.
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