Sony NEX-5

Charles Robinson charlesr at
Fri Jul 30 16:46:53 EDT 2010

On Jul 30, 2010, at 15:39, Tom C wrote:
> Aside from the obvious cool factor, one thing that jumps out at me is
> how great this will be for backpacking. Up to now, I've lugged the
> *istD, or K20D or K-7, and a 7 - 10 lb camera bag with 3 or 4 lenses +
> tripod, does become a burden with a 35 - 40 lb pack and walking 5 - 7
> miles in high altitude.  This thing will weigh 1/3 or less of what my
> DLSR pack weighed.  Considering the 16mm and the 200mm zoom as well.
> I've been loathe to bring a P&S, because if I'm going to that much
> effort to get to the destination, I want my best gear as well.

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting - I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of results you get out of this thing.

So far the images of the cameras themselves I've seen online haven't really moved me. They look... "weird" for lack of a better word.  A real-world usage report would be interesting after you've had the time to put it through its paces.


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