Off topic again: Lightroom 2 "coloration" question form a friend

Bob W pdml at
Fri Jul 30 12:15:31 EDT 2010

> Hopefully this isn't getting too tiresome ...
> Here is his last response:
> "A few thoughts:
> 1.  Using Microsoft's RAW viewer, these CR2 files look just fine on
> the same computer.   The same files also look good on another
> computer.
> 2.  I also clicked on all the "reset to factory settings" buttons I could
find.  No
> luck.  Is there a general "color space" setting somewhere that I can reset
> default?

No. LR uses one & only one colour space.

> 3.  Thinking that the messed up settings could be in the catalog, I
started a
> new one and imported pictures afresh.  No luck."

Is he looking at the raw file straight from the camera, or after any editing
has been done? If he's looking at it straight from the camera then maybe he
could try Auto Tone to see if that has any effect. It could be that the file
from the camera is crap, and the other raw viewer is compensating

if he posts a screen shot somewhere of the same picture in the MS Raw viewer
and in LR on the same computer we might be able to see how different they
look. Otherwise we're just stabbing in the dark.

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