Peso redwood, and a geso for scale

Larry Colen lrc at
Thu Jul 29 20:50:12 EDT 2010

I went for a short bike ride this afternoon and saw a couple of interesting fire damaged redwoods.  This is my favorite picture from the bunch:
Comments welcome.

I really need to start carrying my little tripod on bike rides, even the 2.8 isn't fast enough for really sharp hand held shots.

It's really tough to show scale in a single picture, so I tried taking a series of photos. These are just snapshots to convey size, since I think that most people on this list just have little trees where they live. These are medium sized redwoods, bigger than the ones in my yard, probably about 70m tall. Unfortunately almost all of the big trees (>100m) were cut down about a century ago.

I tried to keep the bicycle in about the same spot in the photo. Unfortunately by the time I moved back far enough to get the whole tree in the field of view of the 16mm, a couple other trees were sort of in the way.

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