Off topic again: Lightroom 2 "coloration" question form a friend

Bob W pdml at
Thu Jul 29 18:10:03 EDT 2010

> More details on the issue:  his colorspace in LR is "proPhoto RBG" - the
> default.
> He posted a blurb and photo evidence of the problem to his flickr account
> here:
> My quick and dirty attempt at summarizing his problem:
> He says the photo looks normal in his camera when he takes the photo
> (apparently as a canon raw file) It looks strangely tinted when imported
> LR (Because it looks strange in LR, he is unable to do any real WB or
> color related work) If he exports it from LR without making any changes
> looks at the jpg photo in a browser, etc, the photo looks normal.
> Hopefully the pictures in the link are worth a 1000 words!

first he needs to take a look at it with a different raw viewer to try and
isolate the issue to Lightroom. If it looks OK in the other raw viewer then
he should take a look at his LR Import settings to make sure something in
there isn't applying a preset or camera profile or something like that which
changes the colour balance. Probably worth looking at these in any case -
I'd start by factory-resetting them.

If it looks crap in the other raw viewer as well as in LR, then the monitor
may have some sort of issue with the profile embedded in the raw file (IE
doesn't care about the embedded profile).


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