Off Topic: how do you ensure your file backup operations are not corrupt? (windows xp)

Bob W pdml at
Thu Jul 29 14:34:40 EDT 2010

>   I run xcopy as a scheduled task
>     Can you share a little more of what you do?  Did you write some bat or
> file and your schedule calls this file?

that's right.

>     Do you mind sharing your file with me (feel free to edit
> files/paths/machine names etc if security is any concern)?

It's something along these lines. The script runs on a machine called
PrecisionM50 and copies from 2 other machines, Vostro and Thinkpad, onto the
local drive of PrecisionM50. When that's completed it copies what it's just
done to an external drive (India) connected to PrecisionM50. The actual code
that runs include error handling and a few other bits. The log file keeps a
record so I know what happened.

xcopy \\thinkpad\..\                      \\precisionm50\backups\thinkpad /d
/s /c /i /f /g /r /k /x /y /z      >\\precisionm50\backuplog.txt
xcopy \\vostro\..\                           \\precisionm50\backups\vostro
/d /s /c /i /f /g /r /k /x /y /z     >>\\precisionm50\backuplog.txt
xcopy \\precisionm50\backups \\precisionm50\india
/d /s /c /i /f /g /r /k /x /y /z /j  >>\\precisionm50\backuplog.txt

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