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I just noticed this.  I'm not a collector, but the 200 is a collectible 
item, I think it's fairly rare, as such the price was /very/ 
reasonable.  The 35-70mm is also collectable but probably only of 
interest to someone who already has the ME-F, (os is looking to buy 
one), as it's nearly unusable on any other camera, or so I've been 
told.  The problem with the Sigma is that entry level normal zooms are a 
dime a dozen.

On 7/29/2010 11:34 AM, John Celio wrote:
> PSSST!  I'm hella flexible on those prices!  The 200mm is gone, but if 
> you want one of the other lenses, I'm more interested in getting them 
> out of my house than getting those prices I noted.
> John
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>> Pardon my posting a couple days early, I don't expect to have time to
>> post on Friday.
>> I have three lenses I want to get rid of, and I'm not overly worried
>> about how much I get for them.  I don't have the lenses in front of me
>> here at work so I don't have all the specs, but if you want to know more
>> just email me and I'll respond when I'm home later.
>> Sigma 28-80 macro II.  Came as part of a two-lens, entry level kit (the
>> 70-300 is long gone) purchased in 2000 or 2001.  Quite sharp for such a
>> low-end lens, and fantastic 1:2 macro (the bokeh's not super, but what's
>> in focus looks great).  Comes with caps and hood.  I'd like, oh, $30 for
>> it?  I'm flexible.
>> Pentax SMC AF 35-70 f2.8.  This lens was the counterpart to the ME-F.
>> Combined, they were the first autofocus camera to reach production:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentax_ME_F .  I have no idea if my lens'
>> autofocus works, since I've never found an ME-F to test it on.  I've
>> never even taken a picture with the lens, so I can't describe its
>> photographic capabilities.  It's kinda dusty, there may be some specks
>> inside, I've never really looked closely.  I don't have a front cap for
>> it.  At the very least, I know it's a usable fast zoom.  How does $40
>> sound to you?  Again, I'm flexible.
>> M42 Tele-Takumar 200mm f/5.6.  Can't tell you much of anything about
>> this lens.  Comes with a hood and rear cap, but no front cap.
>> Interesting dual-ring aperture control (one sets min aperture, the other
>> actually controls the aperture and can't go smaller than the first
>> ring's setting).  It's yours for, say, $15?
>> All prices are in US greenbacks, and shipping will be extra, though as
>> inexpensive as possible.  In the US, add $3 for first-class mail (if you
>> want Priority Mail, insurance or other services, let me know and I'll
>> work up a price).  International buyers, give me your address and
>> shipping preferences and I'll figure out your shipping cost.
>> PayPal only.
>> Thanks!
>> John
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