PESO - We do not exist

Bob W pdml at
Thu Jul 29 10:55:53 EDT 2010

> G'day all
> A bit of urban philosophy on a grotty and grimy wall - Hunter St,
> (*istDS with 16-45 mm DA zoom.)
> The image is a bit small to read the text so, for those into
existentialism, here
> it is:

His philosophy tutor should smack his knuckles with a ruler. He claims that
we have no proof of our existence*, therefore we do not exist. However, his
argument doesn't support any particular conclusion. At best you might say
'we have no proof of our existence, therefore it is possible that we do not

Descartes went through a similar crisis and concluded 'cogito ergo sum', but
even then he should only really conclude 'I think therefore thoughts exist'.

If thoughts can exist without a thinker, then we ourselves are merely
thoughts, and therefore we exist. But if we are merely thoughts, why do we
fart and belch and shit? 

Go back to that wall, and write all this underneath.


*even this is not obviously correct. Our existence may be self-proving.

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