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>>> A friend had a gig at a venue a mile down the street from my house, and
>>> asked me to come out and photograph it.
>>> This is the one that she snagged for her current facebook profile:
>>> 72157624563427022/
>> Nice shot Larry. Not surprised that she's using it on her facebook page.
>> Nice guitar too. Looks like one of the early 70s Takamines that with the
>> Martin-like logo which they had to stop using when CL Martin asked them to
>> desist. Either that or someone else is imitating them.
> That's a Sigma guitar, once a subsidiary of Martin, so no surprise on the similarity.
> oh, and that's one of your better club shots, Larry.

Thanks.   It's particularly nice to hear about my more recent work because that might mean I'm learning.  Either that or the lighting at Don Quixote's doesn't suck quite as much as at other places I shoot.

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