Off Topic: how do you ensure your file backup operations are not corrupt? (windows xp)

Sam L samthegreat at
Wed Jul 28 16:52:21 EDT 2010

Hi all,

My backup strategy so far has been very basic:  I have a couple
windows xp computers and a couple of external drives.  I schedule a
backup of files from my official set of files to my external drive.
And I also manually copy the files from time to time to some other

This was mostly working fine but a while ago I realized a bunch of
files were corrupt, and I have no idea when or how they got corrupted.
 There are 2 symptoms of corruption:
1.  both thumbnail and full image will not open
2.  thumbnail will display, but full image will not open

The scarier symptom is when the thumbnail appears to be fine but is in
fact corrupt, because there is no easy way to verify if the files were
backed up successfully.

Anyway:  is there any way that you can verify if a jpeg file is
working correctly / not corrupt?  Is there a way to verify that your
"copy" operation was successful?

(I have no evidence that the copy operation is what corrupted my
files, so maybe I should just continue on with my copy operations and
trust that they are okay).

Your thoughts on this are appreciated!


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