peso Michelle Chappell at Don Quixote's

Doug Brewer doug at
Wed Jul 28 10:55:02 EDT 2010

Chris Mitchell wrote:
> Larry Colen wrote:
>> Sent: 23 July 2010 18:43
>> To: Pentax-Discuss Mail List
>> Subject: peso Michelle Chappell at Don Quixote's
>> A friend had a gig at a venue a mile down the street from my house, and
>> asked me to come out and photograph it.
>> This is the one that she snagged for her current facebook profile:
>> 72157624563427022/
> Nice shot Larry. Not surprised that she's using it on her facebook page.
> Nice guitar too. Looks like one of the early 70s Takamines that with the
> Martin-like logo which they had to stop using when CL Martin asked them to
> desist. Either that or someone else is imitating them.

That's a Sigma guitar, once a subsidiary of Martin, so no surprise on 
the similarity.

oh, and that's one of your better club shots, Larry.

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