weatherproof vs sandproof?

Christine Nielsen chris at
Tue Jul 27 14:26:39 EDT 2010

Thanks, Bob.
Yes, being so "involved" with sand is something to be avoided, for
sure.  Fortunately, it was just the camera, I left my flash at home,
and the hotshoe looks clean. So did the pop-up flash.  Went over the
whole thing with a soft brush, just to be sure.


On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 11:57 AM, Bob Sullivan <rf.sullivan at> wrote:
> Christine,
> I've never gotten so involved with sand, only a little at a time.
> I'd use a wet cloth and brush to remove all the loose sand I could.
> I'd exercise all the switches on the body to make sure all the sand is out.
> I don't think water or sand can make it past the doors on the body
> like for the sd card.
> The flash is going to be difficult to clean-up.
> As for the Sigma lens, I have no experience.
> It's pretty hard to keep sand out of lenses.
> You'll have to patiently work your way thru it.
> Regards,  Bob S.
> On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 9:52 AM, Christine Nielsen <chris at> wrote:
>> While I was in the water with my kids yesterday at the beach,  a pack
>> of seagulls descended on our pile of gear in search of food.  To bring
>> my camera to the beach, I had taken the foam camera bag insert from my
>> handbag, in which it usually resides, and placed it inside a plastic
>> grocery bag, tied shut, to keep the sand and water out.  I placed that
>> whole mess inside our beach bag, safely nestled among the towels, etc.
>>  There was no food in that bag.  But that didn't stop those winged
>> varmints from looking!  I think they have learned that plastic grocery
>> bags usually contain food (last week, I saw a gull fly off with a bag
>> of snacks from a family's stash), so when they found the one with my
>> camera, they pulled it out, dragged it across the sand, and opened it,
>> unceremoniously dumping out the contents.  Imagine my horror upon
>> finding the business end of my lens half-submerged in sand, surrounded
>> by hundreds of webbed foot prints!
>> I did my best to carefully brush off the sand.  It was everywhere.
>> The on/off switch was "sticky" at first, but that seems to have worked
>> itself out.  Does the AF sound noisier than before?  Am I imagining
>> that the shutter sounds clankier?  Argh!!
>> So here's my question:  now what do I do?  Is it possible that tiny
>> grains of sand could get in there & gunk up the works?  My camera -
>> the k7 - is "weatherproof".  The lens - a sigma 17-70 -- makes no such
>> claim.  I've removed the sd card, carefully inspecting and removing
>> with a brush any grains of sand around the door.  I figure I should do
>> the same with the lens... but are there other steps I should be
>> taking?
>> OTOH, everything seems to be working, I had a UV filter on my lens...
>> and luckily - I'm guessing those gulls shoot Nikon.
>> :)
>> -c
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