PESO - Tom on Eleventh Street

William Robb warobb at
Mon Jul 26 16:02:14 EDT 2010

From: "frank theriault"
Subject: PESO - Tom on Eleventh Street

> There are lots of cats and lots of cat lovers in our neighbourhood.
> Many of the former have taken in rescues and put out food for strays
> who for whatever reasons prefer to live on the streets.  I suspect
> this fellow is one of those street cats;  he just had that look about
> him.  He seemed pretty comfortable in his environment.

They are called feral cats, and they prefer to live on the streets for the 
same reasons that deer prefer to live in forests.
IE: They don't think about it (cats aren't smart enough to think about much 
of anything), they just live there.

William Robb 

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