Another reason I was not making money

Bob W pdml at
Mon Jul 26 17:10:44 EDT 2010

> People's perception of cost of things has changed.  It used to be
> or at least difficult to make copies of photos, or music, these days it
can be
> done effectively for free. And, it's going to get worse as kids who grew
> with digital copies grow up.  I hope that people still consider someone's
> worth something, which would make it possible to sell "photography", even
> if it's tough to sell "photographs".
> The problem you run into there is even a newbie with a Canon Rebel and a
> kit lens can get photos that are good enough to satisfy someone who would
> make an 8x10 print off a 640x480 jpeg.  Even worse are the talented
> amateurs who 20 years ago might have been able to make a living at
> photography, who basically do event photography for the ego gratification
> people telling them how great their photos are.

this is essentially the same argument that press photographers used to make
about people like Capa, Kertesz and Cartier-Bresson using 35mm cameras. 


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