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Sasha Sobol sasha at
Mon Jul 26 00:32:19 EDT 2010

Igor, thanks for your great feedback.
First let me address the sharpness issue:
I used soft filter intensionally, the lens does not have front focus (I hope).
I tried different crops (the initial shot was 2x3 and this is 4x5).
This one worked for me - may be not for you.
I will try to play with it again.


On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 1:51 PM, Igor Roshchin <str at> wrote:
> Sasha,
> It's a nice pose/expression.
> As somebody has already mentioned, it looks a bit too soft.
> I don't think it's because of this particular lens (I haven't
> tried this Tamron myself but heard it was decent) or the DOF (at f/5).
> I suspect it might be slightly front-focused.
> You might consider sharpening it just a bit.
> Another thing that "bothers"[*] me much more, even though
> it is much less objective (no pun intended), is the overall
> composition/framing.
> Many people would say it is fine. And it is probably a valid opinion.
> I know it's my "thing": sometimes certain aspect ratio combined with
> a certain subject and its position relative to the frame looks to me
> a bit uncomfortable.
> In the music language this would be neither a dominant nor a tonic,
> while not jazzy enough to depart from the classical diatonic scale.
> Sometimes I try various things but can never find the perfect
> composition.
> I looked at the photo in the morning, and now again, and my impression
> has not changed. I am not sure what exactly should be changed - it may
> take some playing.
> If I took this shot I would try
> 1. slightly larger aspect ratio (different crop);
> 2. slightly different position of the head w.r.t. the frame
> (either verticall or horizontally, or even both);[**]
> 3. if nothing else helps, - a square (a la 6x6) crop.
> (Yes, sorry, this is too classical/traditional,  - and that's probably
> something you are trying to avoid. I tend to like that in the past
> few years.)
> ------
> [*] It bothers me in the sense that distinguishes a good photo from
> a great photo.
> [**] It doesn't mean that the head has to be necessarily centered.
> However, right now it appears that it is the body (shoulders) that
> is (almost) centered, and it is not the best composition in this case.
> Sorry, it's probably more than what you wanted to hear.
> It just caught my sight, and I keep coming back to it today.
> Igor
> On Jul 25, 2010, at 8:59 AM, Sasha Sobol wrote:
>> Comment and critique are welcome even more than always.
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