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Igor Roshchin str at
Sun Jul 25 16:51:15 EDT 2010


It's a nice pose/expression.
As somebody has already mentioned, it looks a bit too soft.

I don't think it's because of this particular lens (I haven't
tried this Tamron myself but heard it was decent) or the DOF (at f/5).
I suspect it might be slightly front-focused.
You might consider sharpening it just a bit.

Another thing that "bothers"[*] me much more, even though
it is much less objective (no pun intended), is the overall

Many people would say it is fine. And it is probably a valid opinion.
I know it's my "thing": sometimes certain aspect ratio combined with 
a certain subject and its position relative to the frame looks to me 
a bit uncomfortable. 
In the music language this would be neither a dominant nor a tonic,
while not jazzy enough to depart from the classical diatonic scale.
Sometimes I try various things but can never find the perfect

I looked at the photo in the morning, and now again, and my impression 
has not changed. I am not sure what exactly should be changed - it may
take some playing.
If I took this shot I would try
1. slightly larger aspect ratio (different crop);
2. slightly different position of the head w.r.t. the frame 
(either verticall or horizontally, or even both);[**]
3. if nothing else helps, - a square (a la 6x6) crop. 
(Yes, sorry, this is too classical/traditional,  - and that's probably
something you are trying to avoid. I tend to like that in the past 
few years.)

[*] It bothers me in the sense that distinguishes a good photo from 
a great photo.
[**] It doesn't mean that the head has to be necessarily centered.
However, right now it appears that it is the body (shoulders) that 
is (almost) centered, and it is not the best composition in this case.

Sorry, it's probably more than what you wanted to hear.
It just caught my sight, and I keep coming back to it today.


On Jul 25, 2010, at 8:59 AM, Sasha Sobol wrote:

> Comment and critique are welcome even more than always.

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