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On Jul 24, 2010, at 4:09 AM, frank theriault wrote:

> Ignore the banal title - I couldn't think of anything good, so this is
> just a working title for now.  Last weekend I went to a wedding, and
> the last shots I took were with available light so I had the WB set to
> incandescent.  Of course I forgot to put it back to AWB afterwards.
> So last night Judy and I took a walk along the lake and I had the
> 18-55mm on the body (so no long shots) when I saw this kayaker
> skimming along a quiet bay.  I took a few shots, chimped and saw that
> everything was deep blue (almost indigo) on the screen.  Looked cool,
> but ~very~ unnatural.  By the time I reset the WB (s)he was gone, so I
> converted to monochrome and went for the silhouette look (which it
> pretty much was anyway).  I kind of like it:

I love it.

The only reason that mis-setting the white balance would be a problem is if you shoot jpegs.  There are some minor advantages if you're chimping the exposure to have it "right".

> Hope you do, too.
> It's been a busy week and I haven't had a chance to do any processing.
> Gonna do the last few beaver photos now and post those this morning.

Oh, right, you're in Canada.

> Be back in a minute.
> Comments always welcome.
> cheers,
> frank
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