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Sun Jul 25 02:23:00 EDT 2010

Joe -
 I'm not so sure that is turkey tail  - it isn't curving up much for one 

-  I don't think we have good enough shots,anyway  - (from a mycological 
point of view ) - to tell that
and , also, the shelves don't look like quite the right shape to me...

and there is no scale, either..  --  remember, too - David is in New 

Dave, the general name for a variety of fungi that have that kinda look 
is " shelf fungus"  also called " bracket fungus."

The only way to tell for sure what a specific species of fungus is 
involves taking spore prints.   There are only a very
few varieties in the wild that one can be sure of as to what they are 
and their edibility without a lot of study.

So,  was this big stuff?  

I'm curious... I joined the Mycological society of New York back in the 
80's for a brief spell mainly for wanting to be able
to ID the fungi I was photographing - then I learned how difficult it 
was... I got pretty interested for a while but most of the
members were mainly into the gourmet aspect of it .    But I digress.

anyway, I challenge Turkey Tail , as we say in the Scrabble biz  :-)


Joseph McAllister wrote:

> On Jul 23, 2010, at 20:54 , David Mann wrote:
>> I've spent the past few days lying about at home with a cold so I  
>> went out for a walk this morning to keep the cabin fever at bay.
>> The main pic is a view looking upward from underneath.  I've  
>> included a top-view for anyone who'd like to identify it.
>> This is a quick edit on my laptop screen so the usual disclaimers  
>> apply...
> Nice treatment of a funky subject Dave.
> This is commonly called "Turkey Tail" fungus.
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