About awkward copyright releases

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Sat Jul 24 20:10:38 EDT 2010

No biggie. I'd find other venues/events/people to photograph.

If they want to PAY me to take the photos as "work for hire", I'd charge 
them both a day rate and a fee for releasing the copyright to them.

From: Igor Roshchin
> You may remember me posting an ugly copyright release form from
> one of the swing-dance events last year:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/pdml@pdml.net/msg509934.html
> (It was noted then that there is a similar rule Burning Man - but
> at least there is a reasonable motivation there, and as far as I know
> from a friend-photographer who published a book with photos from
> there, - he didn't have much problems with the organizers while
> he was obtaining releases for publishing the book.)
> I just read a couple of similar awful copyright-claiming releases.
> The first one is for the music band "Gogol Bordello" for their
> concert in Moscow this week.
> All accredited photographers were asked to sign this release 
> (I pasted it below). 
> At the same time there was no control over P&S's, DSLRs and other
> cameras in the audience.
> A rather weird part is that the release form was actually offered in
> English, - they didn't even bother to translate it into Russian.
> ( from here: http://mbravo.livejournal.com/519249.html#cutid1 )
> It just shows that some people are just stupid, greedy, or both.
> The second weird copyright release form was offered at a concert 
> of Mark Knopfler 
> (the musician who is, among other things, is a co-founder and a 
> lead guitar/vocals of Dire Straits):
> http://agaspher.livejournal.com/230974.html

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