What size "low-res" online proofs?

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Sat Jul 24 19:55:28 EDT 2010

From: CheekyGeek
> Years ago, in another life, ...

> Which brings me to my question: I am unprepared for the business side
> of digital. I planned to put small low-res photos as proofs up on
> Flickr (just because it would be easy for all concerned). My question
> is: what size/resolution is recommended for "low-res"? Alternative
> methods of work (to Flickr or any part) are also welcome and
> appreciated.
> It is doubtful that I will be doing this much, as I really don't enjoy
> it terribly, but I realize the importance of charging or word will get
> around and everyone will be pounding at your door for the free loaves
> and fishes.
> : )
> Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!

If you have the free flickr account it's probably going to resize them 
to 640x512 maximum after you upload them whatever size you crop it to.

In Photoshop you can create a crop tool preset for 11 in wide at 72 dpi.

Using that tool, just drag the crop box until it surrounds the whole 
image, and hit <Enter>. Save it as a jpeg and it gives a 792w x 528h 
landscape image for the web.

You don't set a vertical dimension.

But, you can use the swap button in the middle to switch between 
vertical and horizontal if you should need a 528w x 792h portrait 

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