OT Bike gearing

David J Brooks pentkon52 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 11:40:41 EDT 2010

Sorry for the OT lads and ladesses.

I can never tell if i'm in a high gear or low gear on my 21 speed.
If i'm climbing a grade, and have the front chain on the smallest gear
and the rear is on the largest gear, is that the lowest or the
highest. Same question if the chain is on the biggest gear up front
and smallest in back.

I'm back up to my long route now, about 9-9.5 km's and i have cut
about 8-9 minutes form last years time. I'm finding i can use 1 or 2
gears higher?? or is it lower than i needed last year, and thus going
faster than last year.

Just need to get that clear in my head.


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