Where is Lightroom hiding?

Godfrey DiGiorgi gdigiorgi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 17:05:15 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 1:51 PM, Charles Robinson <charlesr at visi.com> wrote:
> ...which is the one tiny little thing I miss with Finder vs. Windows.  Not enough to make me go back, but.... yeah... I can't fathom why this is not an option to just display in the list of found files in OSX.  Its omission seems to be clearly the result of a conscious decision on someone's part to "leave it out".  Or there is some black magic going on somewhere which makes it impossible to add???

I agree that it would be useful. However, the search might find things
that require an arbitrary amount of processing to determine a size
(eg: a folder full of folders full of folders full of folders of files
... tons of recursive directory search processing, etc ... you get the
idea) so I think they are reluctant to put in a Size column in the
display so as not to degrade responsiveness.

It's kind of like the lack of filtering by focal length in Lightroom.
Focal length is encoded in the EXIF data a number of different ways,
manufacturer to manufacturer, and up to Lightroom v2.7 Adobe didn't
want to provide the "filter and sort by focal length" because of the
amount of processing it could entail. (I haven't checked LR3 to see
whether it's in there yet.) I've submitted several feature request for
it. ;-)

> So I use "Disk Inventory X" to give me the graphical display of files on the drive and the space they occupy.  Much like the freeware "SpaceMonger.EXE" for Windows.  Almost identical, actually.

As mentioned to Bruce Walker, it's the equivalent of the app I
recommended and use, Daisy Disk. Not as nicely finished UI-wise, but
it works fine.

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