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Fri Jul 23 13:42:40 EDT 2010

A friend had a gig at a venue a mile down the street from my house, and asked me to come out and photograph it.
This is the one that she snagged for her current facebook profile:

exif data at:

This was shot from the back of the room with the A* 200/2.8 on a monopod using the K-x, ISO 1600 f/4.5 1/40. I brought the color in about as close as I could, but the red lights were very heavy.

The guy there with the Canon 5D ended up shooting with flash towards the end of the evening rather than shooting at 1600. I haven't seen his photos yet, but it'll be interesting to see how the K-x compares.  If you look at the set, the *LRC* shots were K20, the *IMGP* shots were K-x.

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