Where is Lightroom hiding?

steve harley pdml at paper-ape.com
Fri Jul 23 12:24:48 EDT 2010

On 2010-07-22 20:11 , Adam Maas wrote:
> While I can
> understand Godfrey's choice not to use a replacement as he needs to be
> familiar offhand with the basic Finder UI for professional reasons, I
> thoroughly understand why any user who doesn't need to walk others
> through basic file mangement steps would quickly move up to a Finder
> replacement.

one can be familiar with Finder (to help others) _and_ use other tools

> Unfortunately OS X seems to be stuck in the paradigm that pervasive
> search is an adequate replacement for a decent file manager.

i don't see any sense of replacement, just two complementary paradigms, 
and i don't feel Finder is indecent -- QuickLook, for one, is a 
fantastic feature; i disliked Spotlight for a long time, but being able 
to quickly find one email out of hundreds of thousands won me over; i 
still haven't mastered Spotlight's query language, but given how much i 
use Google it's only natural to expect the same kind of ability from an OS

> Coincidentally it's also the only major OS which has a steady market
> for replacements file management apps.

first of all, the market for Mac OS X file manager replacements seems 
rather weak to me; Path Finder (which i have used for years) is really 
the only major contender, but is a niche player; there are many tools to 
enhance _navigation_ on Mac OS X, but not so many to enhance _management_

secondly, your statement seems contradicted by the proliferation of GUI 
file managers on Linux and the fact that there are numerous Windows file 
manager replacements (though i don't know the market well)

and in a followup message:
> The one simple change Apple could do to make Finder more usable is
> adding an Address Bar with the current folder path in it, bonus if
> it's clickable

look closer ... it's been there since 2007; of course Path Finder has 
had it for much longer

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