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It they are the same price go with the 70-210.  From my own experience, 
I have a number of 70=210 lenses, the SMC Pentax F f4.0~5.6 the vmc 
Vivitar Series 1,  f2.8~4.0, (the third version of that lens with the A 
contracts), and the Vivitar Series 1 f3.5, (the second version, no A 
contracts), and the M 200 f4.0.  The latter two lenses don't see much 
use.  The inability to use open aperture metering makes them just two 
inconvenient, dispute their wonderful optics..  I did some testing of 
all of those lenses at 200mm and found the difference in quality to be 
too small for me to notice.  By all accounts the A 70-210 is very good 
optically maybe better than the SMCP F 70-210 or either Vivitar. The 
only reason to go with the M 200 is if you want to pair down the weight 
you're carrying around.  The A 70-210 is somewhat heavier..

On 7/22/2010 5:50 PM, Eric Weir wrote:
> I've won an SMC A 28mm f2.8 on eBay for $90. Other sellers were asking a little to a lot more.
> I'm also thinking about a telephoto lens. If it was between an SMC A 70-210mm F4 Macro  and an SMC M 200mm f4, both about the same price. Assuming a limited budget, and limited set of lenses already in hand, what would you choose? [My camera's a *ist DS.]
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