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Rob Studdert distudio.pdml at
Thu Jul 22 07:50:49 EDT 2010

On 21/07/2010, P. J. Alling <webstertwentysix at> wrote:
> He looks like he's takingi it personally.

Yep, pretty much Peter.

On 21/07/2010, Daniel J. Matyola <danmatyola at> wrote:
> That is one ugly bird!
> Nice shot, but ugly bird nevertheless.

Hi Dan, I don't find them too ugly especially compared the the hideous
little introduced Indian Mynas that they tend to displace, but they do
often look a little angry. Cheers.

On 21/07/2010, Charles Robinson <charlesr at> wrote:

> Actually, I think that bird looks quite interesting (not ugly) and the lighting and shot are pretty cool.

Hi Charles, I find the little guys interesting and they are certainly
entertaining. The day was quite overcast, hence the relatively high
ISO used, it turned out OK for a grab shot. Cheers.

On 21/07/2010, Ann Sanfedele <annsan at> wrote:

> Certainly looks like you pissed him off!  Fun shot... didn't know birds had
> thyroid conditions :-)

Hi Ann, their agro is inherent in the species, I have a pair that own
the tree in my front yard, no matter how much I try to convince them
it's my tree and they are just lodging they won't have a bar of it ;-)

On 21/07/2010, David J Brooks <pentkon52 at> wrote:
> Beauty

Thanks Dave, I'll pass it on ;-)

On 21/07/2010, Ken Waller <kwaller at> wrote:
> A very good capture!
> Lighting, focus and exposure appear spot on.
> Love the captured feather detail.
> The grate its on and the cutoff tail are minor distractions.

Thanks for commenting Ken, that was the only one of a quick series of
five that had the plane of focus anywhere useful. The little K-x
definitely does a good job on the exposure but I did have -0.3 EC
dialed in, the DR is where I'm mighty impressed especially at ISO1250.
The grate is actually the top (outside) of a bird cage, the very
limited DOF make is less of an issue I suspect.

On 21/07/2010, Christine  Aguila <caguila at> wrote:
> Wow!  That's pretty neat, Rob.  Love the detail, color, and expression of
> the bird.  Very nice work.  Cheers, Christine

Thanks Christine ;-)

On 22/07/2010, Bob Sullivan <rf.sullivan at> wrote:
> Rob,
> The feather detail is spectacular.
> Nice of him to pose for you!

Hi Bob, I'm pretty happy with the feather details in the the full res
version too. It just wanted to be rid of me, guess it thought I'd go
away if I got a decent shot ;-)

On 22/07/2010, Christian Skofteland <pteralight at> wrote:
> Nicely caught and the detail is great.

Thanks Christian (Birdmeister) ;-)

On 22/07/2010, Brian Walters <supera1000 at> wrote:

> I've got a bit of grudging respect for them - they're not especially big
> but are very game and will see off much larger birds in their territory.
>  They also aren't shy about dive bombing anything else that they see as
> threats - cats and dogs and the occasional human (as Rob found out).

I've seen a pair chasing a medium sized brown hawk of some kind and
when my neighbour used to bring his 6' diamond python up for a walk on
the nature strip my resident pair would go bananas, squawking and
diving the snake, pretty brave really.

> The problem is that they tend to dominate an area so that very few other
> species get a chance.

Indeed, they are so territorial they basically drive all other birds
including the natives which can lead to bug and pollination

> Excellent photo, Rob.

Thanks again everyone ;-)

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