Eneloops again and again

Joseph McAllister pentaxian at mac.com
Thu Jul 22 02:34:33 EDT 2010


In the menu bar at the top of the screen, Bluetooth displays an icon  
which, when dropped down, shows the connected Bluetooth devices.  
Selecting the mouse or the keyboard displays a. that it is connected,  
b. can be disconnected, c. what the power level is, and d. that it's  
preferences can be opened from there.

Today the eneloops powered mouse show 50% power with the ones I  
charged a couple of days ago. It is behaving sprightly, indicated by  
when I awaken the iMac after a sleep when I turn the mouse off, it  
connects right away when the computer polls for it. Dying batteries  
take 10 secs to a minute to be "found". Keyboard is still at 62%.

On Jul 21, 2010, at 00:20 , Boris Liberman wrote:

> Joseph, could you please tell how do you measure the power level of  
> the batteries.
> I've a pack of eneloops and a pack of recyko's that I use in my  
> flash. They never gave me any headache except when I almost used  
> them up and forgot to recharge them. But I'd like to look at these  
> measures that you describe myself.
> Thanks.
> Boris
> On 7/20/2010 8:24 PM, Joseph McAllister wrote:
>> The 3 year old new uncharged eneloops I installed in my Mighty Mouse
>> gave it up after 5 days yesterday. They started out at 50% power  
>> level.
>> Just recharged pair I put in the mouse yesterday show 61% power today
>> (didn't look yesterday after installation).
>> My keyboard with 4 Costco AA show 62% after 3 months of not being  
>> turned
>> off at all. The mouse is shut off overnight, for 8-10 hours.
>> Just FYI. I know you couldn't care less, but I said I's tell you! :-)
>> Joseph McAllister
>> pentaxian at mac.com

Joseph McAllister
pentaxian at mac.com

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