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I have only shot during the  performance and it was a musical show rather 
than a drama- although I did do the stage lighting for a local drama society 
many years ago..

The misucal shows produce a range of  deliberately coloured  stage lighting 
so I shoot RAW and worry about the colours later.   This means only a few 
need any extra work in bibble and I could concentrate on the other aspects 
of the shoot.

One thing is the lights are quite bright but may have limited spread so you 
need to ensure your metering ignores dark backgrounds:  ie. center weighted 
or spot.


I used a few examples in this article


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> Hi Everyone:
> I've been asked to photograph scenes from the play "My Sister Eileen" 
> which will open tomorrow night at a university near by.  The shoot will 
> take place after a Friday night performance, and the producer said 
> normally the shoot is about an hour long.  The cast is small (9), so I 
> think I've a wide enough lens for a cast group shot.  I've requested a 
> comp ticket, so I can see the show before the shoot, and they've kindly 
> agreed.
> I'll be looking for good dramatic scenes, of course, and I've been told 
> that there's nothing exotic about the lighting direction for this 
> play--just standard stage lighting.  Has anyone had experience doing 
> theater shoots? Any tips or suggestions you'd be willing to share?
> Thanks in advance.
> Cheers, Christine
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