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Christine, When I shot for a theater in Bristol,Pa They did not want me to make any noise at all,not even shutter release noise. So I would take the photos at a louder part of the play to hide the noise from the shutter. Also I was upstairs on the second floor. This was shot with film and the Lx body, But I used fast glass. 85mm F1.4, 135mm F1.8, 200mm F2.5 and 300mm F2.8. The film was either Fuji Press 800asa rated at 1200 and 1600 if needed, also Tmax 400 rated at 800 and 1600asa, along with Tmax 3200 asa. For stills after the play I would use Kodak 400 and Fuji 400. These are just some of the films, I would use at different plays. You can always wait for a slow scene in the play if you do not want to use a high iso. Also maybe they will have a piano or something like that to pose the group around.. Hope this info helps. Joe
P.S Look at the lights and see where the lights fall on the stage and maybe some of the actors will be more under those lights, and you will get a better shot. But if you are not going to try to shoot while watching the play, forget about what I said.

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Hi Everyone:

I've been asked to photograph scenes from the play "My Sister Eileen" which 
will open tomorrow night at a university near by.  The shoot will take place 
after a Friday night performance, and the producer said normally the shoot 
is about an hour long.  The cast is small (9), so I think I've a wide enough 
lens for a cast group shot.  I've requested a comp ticket, so I can see the 
show before the shoot, and they've kindly agreed.

I'll be looking for good dramatic scenes, of course, and I've been told that 
there's nothing exotic about the lighting direction for this play--just 
standard stage lighting.  Has anyone had experience doing theater shoots? 
Any tips or suggestions you'd be willing to share?

Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Christine 

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