Where is Lightroom hiding?

Eric Weir eeweir at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 21 18:09:12 EDT 2010

On Jul 21, 2010, at 4:42 PM, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:

> If you installed Lightroom using the Adobe installer and without
> changing the default setting, the Lightroom application will be in the
> Mac OS X path
> "/Applications/Adobe Lightroom 3.app"

I'm not absolutely certain. I think I did what I always do when installing software: Download the disc image, click on it, drag the image of the application folder to the Application folder. For certain, if it went any differently than that it's because that's what the installation package did. I can't recall a case in which an installation package installed software anywhere else. But Lightroom is definitely not there.

I still have the disk image. I haven't done any work to speak of that I would lose if I uninstalled Lightroom and started over. Should I do that -- to make sure it's properly installed before I start using it?

> Adobe Camera Raw is a plugin located in different places depending on
> which version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you have installed.
> It is not used by Lightroom at all. Lightroom's raw processing engine
> is organized internally within the Lightroom application bundle and
> only updated with updates to the Lightroom application.

I only have Elements. It's weird that the updater didn't find it -- if that is what it was looking for, and I don't have anything else that would use it -- it's in the Applications folder. [Something triggered the updater, but then the updater couldn't find the application that triggered it??]

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