Eneloops again and again

mike wilson m.9.wilson at ntlworld.com
Wed Jul 21 12:22:27 EDT 2010

Joseph McAllister wrote:

> The 3 year old new uncharged eneloops I installed in my Mighty Mouse  
> gave it up after 5 days yesterday. They started out at 50% power level.
> Just recharged pair I put in the mouse yesterday show 61% power today  
> (didn't look yesterday after installation).
> My keyboard with 4 Costco AA show 62% after 3 months of not being  
> turned off at all. The mouse is shut off overnight, for 8-10 hours.
> Just FYI. I know you couldn't care less, but I said I's tell you!   :-)

Pentax UK very kindly gave me 4 AA Eneloops and a charger when I bought 
the KX.  They haven't been used because I was also given a set of 
disposables and, at about 1500+ exposures, they are still going strong.

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