Happy 21st of Juli, Belgium!

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Wed Jul 21 08:18:32 EDT 2010

Good old Leopold! If it hadn't been for him we would never have seen
Apocalypse Now!

There were Belgae living in Britain even before Caesar came here. They were
friends with the Parisii.  Caesar said the Belgae were the bravest of all
the Galic tribes because they were complete strangers to civilisation, and
were constantly at war with the Germans.


And where would we be without lambic, gueuze, Jacques Brel and Poirot?


> Today is Belgium's national holiday. On Juli 21, 1831, King Leopold I was
> introduced and Belgium was, so to speak, officially opened.
> There wil be the usual parade in Brussels this afternoon, with King Albert
> the armed forces, and the popuation, and there'll be "la drache
> the taditional rainshower going down on them all.
> It's alreay on its way up from Northern France.
> Une joyeuse fête nationale/een gelukkige nationale feestdag!
> And may there be many more to come.
> Ralf

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