PESO Noisy Miner

Ken Waller kwaller at
Tue Jul 20 21:06:39 EDT 2010

A very good capture!
Lighting, focus and exposure appear spot on.
Love the captured feather detail.
The grate its on and the cutoff tail are minor distractions.

Kenneth Waller

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From: "Rob Studdert" <distudio.pdml at>
Subject: PESO Noisy Miner

> Hi Team,
> I haven't posted a bird pic for years but this one amused me, it's a
> rather agitated native Noisy Miner. They are ferociously territorial
> and I obviously stepped over the line, I was being dive bombed and
> generally hassled but I caught this shot as it was eyeing me off for
> the next assault.
> The image was shot hand held using my K-x and FA200/2.8 @ F3.2, 1/400,
> ISO 1250, the K-x AF was no match for this guy.
> Hope you enjoy.
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