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On Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:46 +1000, "Rob Studdert"
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> Hi Team,
> I've spent the week juggling international guests, work and general
> household duties whilst attempting to (unsuccessfully so far) fend off
> a nasty cough/cold. I did however manage to shoot more photos than I
> have for a while, mostly using my lately acquired Canon S90 as it now
> resides pretty much full time in my back pocket (and it's not looking
> like a banana yet).
> As has become habitual for me of late I have a new pano to share, it's
> the view down the last aisle of Gould's Book Shop in Newtown, the
> place has been as pictured as long as I can remember, Bob Gould the
> owner is quite a character.
> The image consists of three in camera jpgs shot hand held with my S90
> @ 6mm F2, 1/13, ISO 80, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-WB, zero
> exposure comp and it was assembled using Autopano rendered in a
> rectilinear projection.
> (the full res file is ~20MP ;-)
> Hope you enjoy.

Goulds is a real institution in Sydney.  I remember when the shop was in
George Street just down from Town Hall station.  

I always drop in when I'm in Newtown - you never know what gem you'll
come across. Equally, given the masses of books stacked on top of each
other, you never know what gem you missed either.....



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia


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