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Brian Walters supera1000 at
Mon Jul 19 18:34:43 EDT 2010

On Mon, 19 Jul 2010 14:47 -0400, "Sam L" <samthegreat at> wrote:
> Hi all
> I was perusing the pentax forum marketplace and saw an add for pentax
> m42 extension tubes for $15.
> They seem to include 12, 20, 36mm.
> Here's a photo:
> I am clueluess about extension tubes but have heard plenty of people
> say they use them for doing macro work.
> I'd like to have the ability to play around and do some macro stuff.
> Is this an appropriate set?  Good price?  Are there limitations I
> should be aware of?
> I'll be mounting them to my k-x via the pentax m42 adapter.  Someday
> maybe I'll mount them to a spotmatic.
> Would I be way better off getting a set up k-mount tubes?

Not if you also want to use them on a Spotmatic.

I pretty much agree with what Ecke has said but these are cheap enough
for playing around with and are probably worth getting for that reason. 
If you decide you want to persist with macro, get a K mount set or a
dedicated macro lens later.



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia


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