Help ... advice on m42 extension tubes

Sam L samthegreat at
Mon Jul 19 17:58:46 EDT 2010

> On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 5:46 PM, CheekyGeek <cheekygeek at> wrote:
> I agree with the eckinator: You basically get what you pay for in the
> way of convenience.
> If you are interested in getting into macro inexpensively, and you
> have m42 lenses to stick on the m42 extension tubes this is certainly
> an inexpensive way to get started. If you are using an external flash
> pointing down at your subject, you'll just need a little testing to
> figure out your exposure for various f-stops & extensions.
> A reverse ring is also a nice inexpensive way to start playing with
> macro. Another fairly low-cost option is getting a good quality
> achromat for close-up, if not macro, shots.
> I recommend getting a good book on the subject: John Shaw's "Close-ups
> In Nature" is HIGHLY recommended.

Price was $15, which seemed silly cheap.
But I'll look into other alternatives instead.

Thanks for the fast reponses!

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