Help ... advice on m42 extension tubes

CheekyGeek cheekygeek at
Mon Jul 19 17:46:43 EDT 2010

I agree with the eckinator: You basically get what you pay for in the
way of convenience.
If you are interested in getting into macro inexpensively, and you
have m42 lenses to stick on the m42 extension tubes this is certainly
an inexpensive way to get started. If you are using an external flash
pointing down at your subject, you'll just need a little testing to
figure out your exposure for various f-stops & extensions.

A reverse ring is also a nice inexpensive way to start playing with
macro. Another fairly low-cost option is getting a good quality
achromat for close-up, if not macro, shots.

I recommend getting a good book on the subject: John Shaw's "Close-ups
In Nature" is HIGHLY recommended.

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE

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