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I think this is a Mark.

I find my iPod touch to be a very useful device.  The iPad would be
the same but much easier to use for Web access since the screen is
nicer.  Video, photos also nicer.  I've used the "real" keyboard Apple
sells and it works well for email.  For everyday use this does most of
what most people want which is why they are selling millions of them
and it will be copied by many.  It is fairly useless as a heavy duty
working machine (photediting or long documents) but that's not what
the bulk of computer time is used for these days.  Paperback novels
are not less useful than chemistry textbooks.  (I've had both on a
plane flight and I know which one gets used).  I bet pornography is
really great, which means that it will make every other system

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> I'll forward this to William Robb in the outside chance you're killfiled.
> Then again, I may be too....
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