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On 7/18/2010 4:07 PM, eckinator wrote:
> 2010/7/18 P. J. Alling<webstertwentysix at>:
>> We produce a lot of food.  Feed large parts of the world and ourselves for
>> less money than most anyone else.  Most people think this is a good thing.
> I think so, too. Feeding people is good. I could do without Monsanto, though.
>>   However for a farmer to make enough money selling food, they have to
>> produce a lot of food.
> Now /that/ is wrong. There seems to be a bad end on that food chain, too.
> Around here, lots of subsidies go into agriculture producing an excess
> of supply and unrealistic expectations. Huge amounts of produce are
> destroyed or rendered unsuitable for human consumption in the EU every
> year just to keep prices high. I think that is just sick. So much good
> could be done with that.
> Ecke
We do plenty of that too.  But it really shouldn't have to be done.  A 
small farm can produce relatively high priced boutique produce and 
survive nicely, where if they tried to compete growing wheat, they'd go 
bankrupt very quickly.  It's happened before.  New England used to be a 
major wheat producing area.  Most of those farms have been re-forested, 
they couldn't compete with farms in Pennsylvania.  Those that survived 
now specialize as orchards and produce.  What really torques me off, is 
the farms we pay /not/ to produce food.  I'd really like to get into the 
not producing hogs business...

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