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Sun Jul 18 16:13:53 EDT 2010

From: "eckinator"
Subject: Re: More Peso's Plowing demo

> 2010/7/18 P. J. Alling <webstertwentysix at>:
>> We produce a lot of food.  Feed large parts of the world and ourselves 
>> for
>> less money than most anyone else.  Most people think this is a good 
>> thing.
> I think so, too. Feeding people is good. I could do without Monsanto, 
> though.
>>  However for a farmer to make enough money selling food, they have to
>> produce a lot of food.
> Now /that/ is wrong. There seems to be a bad end on that food chain, too.
> Around here, lots of subsidies go into agriculture producing an excess
> of supply and unrealistic expectations. Huge amounts of produce are
> destroyed or rendered unsuitable for human consumption in the EU every
> year just to keep prices high. I think that is just sick. So much good
> could be done with that.

Agriculture is a funny business, as it is so closely tied to politics, both 
local and international.
Monsanto is (my opinion only) one of the more evil companies out there right 

William Robb

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