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Rob Studdert distudio.pdml at
Sun Jul 18 09:46:07 EDT 2010

Hi Team,

I've spent the week juggling international guests, work and general
household duties whilst attempting to (unsuccessfully so far) fend off
a nasty cough/cold. I did however manage to shoot more photos than I
have for a while, mostly using my lately acquired Canon S90 as it now
resides pretty much full time in my back pocket (and it's not looking
like a banana yet).

As has become habitual for me of late I have a new pano to share, it's
the view down the last aisle of Gould's Book Shop in Newtown, the
place has been as pictured as long as I can remember, Bob Gould the
owner is quite a character.

The image consists of three in camera jpgs shot hand held with my S90
@ 6mm F2, 1/13, ISO 80, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-WB, zero
exposure comp and it was assembled using Autopano rendered in a
rectilinear projection.
(the full res file is ~20MP ;-)

Hope you enjoy.


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