Peso Anno sensei bowing

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Sat Jul 17 22:31:00 EDT 2010

On Sat, 17 Jul 2010 09:31 -0700, "Larry Colen" <lrc at> wrote:
> > I confess that out of laziness I hadn't uploaded the final version to flickr. When I went back to print it, I tweaked it slightly, pretty much exactly as you said:
> >
> Then, after posting the last, looked at the photo again and went for a
> much tighter crop:
> The photo in the upper right is O Sensei, the founder of aikido, and the
> calligraphy, written by O sensei translates to "True Victory is Self
> Victory", which are critical elements to "the place".  I think that I
> prefer the less tightly cropped version, which lends a bit more
> spareness, and the feeling of traditional Japanese austerity.
> Comments?

I prefer the less tightly cropped version but it probably needs to be
seen as a largish print.  On a monitor the figure is still quite small
and undefined unless you view the large version, but then you have to
scroll and can't appreciate the whole image.



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