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>> Did three more whilst waiting for my wedding photos to copy onto the PC.
>> Single furrow
>> Hay rack
>> Cut wheat

I love em all -- as much for the subject as photos. I remember my grandfather hanging onto his horses and continuing to use them for certain tasks before he abandoned them altogether for tractors. My brother would have loved em, too. He used to go around the state to events like this with his camera. 

I regret not taking my grandfather up on his offer to start farming with him, though, thanks to the wonderful "benefits" of technology, farming has become a rat race for many today.

There was/is an Amish community near where my grandfather farmed and where I spent much of my life that continues -- east central Illinois -- to farm profitably with horses today -- and on farms that are unimaginably small -- often less than a 100 acres, rarely more than 200 -- to the industrialized farmers of the region. 

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