Bruce Walker bruce.walker at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 16:03:56 EDT 2010

Tom C wrote:
> Counterpoint... what do most people do with their computers at least
> 75% of the time? Web browse, handle e-mail, watch or listen to media.
> My Droid replaces my laptop a good 80% of the time I'm traveling and
> not actually engaged in work.

My iPod Touch has quickly become my casual web-media, news-reading, 
weather-report and quick-email-check device.  I carry it around the 
house all day now.

(I'd have an iPhone to do these things except that I will not pay the 
Canadian mobile carrier's tax. All the incumbents charge way more for 
data/voice than would be tolerated in a free market.)

The iPad is like a big iPod Touch with an amazing screen, so I'll have 
one eventually.  I actually was one of the first to get one in Canada, 
but I bought it for my aging parents to use. They're getting used to it 
and seem to like it.

> Understood, it doesn't run Photoshop, Lightroom, or countless other
> applications, which would make it unsuitable for some.
> Agreed it's a pretty slick device for what it does do.  Not
> incorporating Flash is still an all around stupid move though.
> Tom C.

Time will tell, but Apple is a technology driver these days so I predict 
that Flash will simply go away. There are reports that the porn industry 
is abandoning Flash media already as the mobile devices like iPhone and 
iPad are big in their target markets.


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