This changes everything.

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at
Thu Jul 15 21:43:32 EDT 2010

From: Michael Hamilton
> You may not remember me, but I am returning to this list. My
> photography has taken a back seat to a few things recently, but my
> inspiration seems to be returning. I just traded a FA43 for a DA*
> 16-50 (waiting for it to arrive). It's my first zoom lens in ages.
> (Currently using K-7, DA14, DA21 and soon the new DA*)
> My wife recently gave birth to our first daughter on June 19,
> Charlotte Elan Crocker Hamilton.  While the photos are not all with a
> Pentax camera (mostly Panasonic LX3), here is a small gallery of her
> first few days at the hospital.
> This changes everything.
> Thanks for looking.

Congratulations, even if your wife DID do 99-44/100% of the work!  ;-D

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